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Modular Adaptor

The complete design of Modular Adaptor is built on a modular concept. And this further helps in easy interchanging of tools. The parts which should be coupled are inserted and fastened with the help of tapered bolt and nut. Further tightening the tapered bolt creates an axial thrust to clamp the face rigidly. The diameter and face are accurately ground to give perfect seating, a better seating, a better concentricity and rigidity.

The modular adaptor is available with different machine tapers (BT-40, BT-50, SK-40, HSK-63, HSK-100, etc.) with MC_32 connector, to suit the Boring Heads of FB series from rough boring tools.

Modular adaptors with BMC-25 are available with various machine tool tapers for boring tools from dia 105mm to 200mm. The bridge BRF and BRR series are clamped rigidly using allen bolts to the adaptor. We also provide extension adaptor and other tools.

M/C Tool Adaptor for Bridge Clamping
BT 406030
BT 5010060
HSK A508054
HSK 638054
HSK 10010070
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