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Micro Boring Kits - MBK/FTB01

The Micro Boring Kit includes all the necessary tools required in making bores of different diameters. This Kit helps to bore a wide range of bores from Dia 6 mm to 135 mm using a single micro boring head. We manufacture the parts with high quality material and heat treat it to assure a longer life span. Our boring tools offer a longer durability and also maintains accuracy for many years. We design and manufacture every part with strict quality checks to produce very high quality products.

With a sturdy construction our Micro Boring Kit is rust and abrasion proof. We offer a wide range of Micro Boring Kits with all required accessories and specific features to conveniently finish the bores. The boring bars have been manufactured to bore length up to 3 times of its diameter. Especially the design of the boring bar does not allow it to move too much from its center. And this further helps in maintaining a balance and facilitate a good boring accuracy. Through coolant facility can be provided for easy chip removal and better cutting of material. And we also manufacture rough boring tools, heads, carbide shanks, modular adaptors and boring cartridges.

Micro Boring Kit
MBK1084/FTB01∅10 - ∅84Parts 3 - 14MBK010084
MBK10105/FTB01∅10 - ∅105Parts 3 - 15MBK010105
MBK10135/FTB01∅10 - ∅135Parts 3 - 16MBK010135
MBK0684/FTB01∅6 - ∅84Parts 3 - 14MBK006084
MBK06105/FTB01∅6 - ∅105Parts 1 - 15MBK006105
MBK06135/FTB01∅6 - ∅135Parts 1 - 16MBK006135


  1. FB 6.21
  2. FB 8.28
  3. FBH 0680
  4. FB10.35
  5. FB12.42
  6. FB16.55
  7. FB22.66
  8. EB25.53 +M5 Screw
  9. FC2836
  10. FC3654
  11. CLAMPING NUT+M10 Screw
  12. FC5480
  13. 2.5mm ALLEN KEY
  14. T8 TORX KEY
  15. FC 84105
  16. FC 105135

NOTE: Adaptor is not included in the Kit

Through coolant is optional

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