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Finish Boring Bars

FineTech Toolings is a trusted manufacturer of Boring Bars, Boring Heads and other Boring Tools in Bangalore, India. We use the supreme quality raw materials to manufacture the highly tough and effective products. We Manufacture a wide range of Finish Boring Bars with different sizes to fulfill every client’s requirement.

Our Boring Bars are available in different DIA and length to make deep length boring an easy task. These can be used in both HMC (Horizontal Machining Centers) and VMC (Vertical Machining Centers). Along with this we also manufacture boring bars for roughing and semi finishing requirements.

Finish Boring Bars
FB 6.21∅6 - ∅821.0-WCGT02TS 21FBS006021
FBH 8.28∅8 - ∅1028.0-WCGT02TS 21FBS008028
FB 10.35∅10- ∅1435.0-TPGX09CS250TFBS010035
FB 12.42∅12 - ∅1642.0-TPGX09CS250TFBS012042
FB 16.55∅16 - ∅2255.0-TPGX09CS250TFBS016055
FB 22.66∅22 - ∅2866.0-TPGX09CS250TFBS022066
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